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2020 Panini Select Patrick Mahomes Field Level Silver
2020 Panini Select Patrick Mahomes Field Level Silver

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  • Pulled from one of the 2020 Select Hobby Boxes
    • Patrick Mahomes Silver Field Level
    • Most Sought After Non-Numbered Parallel In The Entire Set!
    • NOTE: We Are Not Professional Graders & Cannot Guarantee You A Perfect Grade.
    • NOT Serial Numbered  
  • Corners: Minimal issues (Projected 9.5/10)
  • Edges: Minimal issues (Projected 9.5/10)
  • Surface: Might Be Several Dimples On The Front Nameplate. Difficult To Tell If It's Part Of The Card Design Or Not (Projected 8.5 If They Are Dimples & 9.5 If They Are Not)
  • Centering: Left-->Right 45:55 | Top-->Bottom 45:55 (Projected 9/9.5)
  • Autograph: N/A
  • Patrick Mahomes has taken the league by storm and considered the young goat of the league. If Tom Brady was "Passing The Torch" of a legendary career to anyone, it would be Mahomes. This is considered the season Mahomes took the Chiefs to their second straight Superbowl and ultimately fell short to Tom Brady & the Buccaneers. The silver field level is the most valuable non numbered parallel in the entire set and worth good money as a gem mint! *High Investment Player*

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