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2019/20 Panini Select TMALL Coby White Red Wave RPA
2019/20 Panini Select TMALL Coby White Red Wave RPA

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  • Pulled from one of our 2019/20 Select TMALL Hobby Boxes. 
    • Coby White Red Wave RPA (TMALL EXCLUSIVE)
    • NOTE: We Are Not Professional Graders & Cannot Guarantee You A Perfect Grade. 
    • NOT Serial Numbered 
    • Corners: Minimal Issues (Projected 9/9.5)
    • Edges: Minimal Issues (Projected 9/9.5)
    • Surface: Minimal Issues (Projected 9/9.5)
    • Centering: Left --> Right Is N/A | Top-->Bottom Is N/A (Projected N/A)
    • Autograph: Smooth with some light smear between the "c" &"w" (Projected 9)
  • Coby White entered the 2019/20 NBA draft as one of the better prospects to recently come out of UNC. After facing Zion Williamson & RJ Barrett at Duke, White would be drafted 7th overall by a rebuilding Chicago Bulls team. Coby White hasn't had as much success as his former collegiate rivals, but has progressively become more familiar with the pace of the NBA and being one of the younger leaders on a historical program. This is an Asia EXCLUSIVE RPA & difficult to pull. Medium investment player!

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