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2019/20 Panini NBA Hoops Premium Stock Ja Morant
2019/20 Panini NBA Hoops Premium Stock Ja Morant

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  • Pulled from one of our 2019/20 NBA Hoops Premium Stock Cellos
    • Ja Morant "Get Out The Way" Silver RC Insert
    • NOTE: We Are Not Professional Graders & Cannot Guarantee You A Perfect Grade. 
    • NOT Serial Numbered 
    • Corners: Minimal Issues (Projected 9/9.5)
    • Edges: Minimal Issues (Projected 9/9.5)
    • Surface: Minimal Issues (Projected 9/9.5)
    • Centering: Left --> Right Is 50:50 | Top-->Bottom Is 60:40 (Projected 9)
    • Autograph: N/A
  • Ja Morant is one of the several generational talents to emerge in the 2019/20 draft class. Drafted 2nd overall by the Memphis Grizzlies, Morant put on a highlight reel as a rookie and got even better in year two. This is the kind of player where you see his rookie card and immediately get hyped! This is one of the cooler inserts in the entire series! High investment player!

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