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2013 Panini Totally Certified Bob Griese Autograph SSP /5
2013 Panini Totally Certified Bob Griese Autograph SSP /5

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  • Pulled from one of the 2013 Totally Certified Hobby Boxes
    • Bob Griese Autograph SSP
    • This Is A Thanksgiving Themed Sticker Autograph!
    • NOTE: We Are Not Professional Graders & Cannot Guarantee You A Perfect Grade.
    • Serial Numbered 3/5
  • Corners: Minimal issues (Projected 9/9.5)
  • Edges: Minimal issues with unsmooth right front edge (Projected 9)
  • Surface: Light scratches and two minor dimples on the front (Projected 7.5)
  • Centering: Left-->Right 45:55 | Top-->Bottom 40:60 (Projected 8.5/9)
  • Autograph: Super Smooth Autograph (Projected 10)
  • Bob Griese is considered more of a Dolphins legend than Dan Marino for being the first team to ever go undefeated & win the Superbowl. He also had a cannon and set a career high six touchdowns on Thanksgiving against the Cardinals! *Medium Investment Player*

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