Good Gainz Breaks


  • Good Gainz Mixers: Is your classic case break mixer, where we offer a variety of football combinations. The average mixer will contain at least one popular or high end hobby box (Ex. National Treasures, Immaculate, Impeccable, Obsidian, etc), while other mixers might include some exclusive retail boxes (Target, Walmart, or First Off The Line). All listings will state the individual boxes, along with a picture of what's being ripped open for you and potential hitz of each box.
  • Good Gainz Raffle Mixers: (RETIRED) Is a spin on your classic case break mixer, where we offer a raffle of a card, mystery pack, helmet, jersey, etc. These specially marked breaks give every contestant 1 FREE spot in the raffle/break spot purchase. For example, if the raffle card is worth $60, 32 spots would be free to those break contestants and the remaining 28 spots could be purchased at a small percentage of the value of the prize (i.e. $60/28 = ~$2/spot). The odds of randomly winning the prize,  significantly rise when you purchase into the break and are awarded a free spot.
  • Good Gainz Personals: Is your classic hobby, blaster box, or cello pack break, where we offer customers the ability to purchase 1 or more individual boxes. These boxes will be opened live for the customer and anyone else to watch. Each box is priced competitively with market trends.
  • Good Gainz Hitz: we currently offer two kinds of unique breaks. 
    • Wheel of Good Gainz (Est 5/18/2019): (CURRENTLY RETIRED) A unique spin on the classic break featuring 3 cases of 10 packs each. This live break is designed to offer an exciting way to win a GUARANTEED random mystery hit! All Mystery Hit Packs are labeled by case # and individual pack #. ONLY 1 case will be opened at random/per listing! (VIEW TUTORIAL HERE)
    • Good Gainz Draft Day (Est. 5/18/2020): A unique take on the classic "Hit Staxx" concept. This exclusive break style, allows collectors to dictate what hits they want to add to their collection. Whether it's for a profitable flip, investment, or to add to their PC. We offer both Football & Basketball!


  • Good Gainz Mixers:
    1. Roll a pair of dice to determine the number of times we randomize the names & NFL teams.
    2. Names will be randomized via random.org to ensure all fairness of the randomization process. 
    3. In case of multiple teams on a card, we will roll a pair of dice and randomize the teams via random.org (Ex. Chubb, Rosen, Brady on one card. We place Patriots, Dolphins, and Browns in the randomizer and use the number on the dice to determine who's name is randomized on the top).
    4. All Cards shipped!
  • Good Gainz Raffle Mixers: (CURRENTLY RETIRED)
    1.  *All paid contestants understand and agree, that there are no refunds on the raffles. Also, you agree that this is a gamble/risk/game of chance,  which allows you to win a prize of significant value, at the potential of little buy-in cost.
    2. Names will be randomized via random.org to ensure all fairness of the randomization process. 
    3. ONLY contestants in the break will earn a free spot in the raffle, while anyone else interested, will have to pay per spot. Every raffle is done by rolling a dice and randomizing the winner via random.org
    4. *You will not earn reward points for any entry into our raffles, but only for entering into the breaks itself*
    5. You DO NOT have to have an account within our system, to be eligible to participate in the raffle. You must be willing to provide us with a legitimate shipping address. (Will ship out of states to certain places and shipping is covered by Good Gainz Card Breaks).
    6. The raffle will be done either on our YouTube channel or Instagram live. 
    7. All specific information will be posted in each break description.
    8. We hold the right to refuse any entry into the raffle or deny your claim to collecting the prize for the following: Falsifying personal information, Falsifying shipping address, fraudulent payment, attempting to cheat or rig the raffle, and/or attempting to file a refund and still participate in the raffle.
    9. *NOTE: All paid entries into the raffle must be sent to our PayPal (thegoodgainzllc@gmail.com)
  • Wheel of Good Gainz: (CURRENTLY RETIRED)
    1. Offers a MAX of 10 spots per listing, with a chance at winning a BONUS reward from a lottery spin (at the end of the break)!
    2. Roll a pair of dice to determine the number of times we randomize the names of each buyer, via random.org. 
    3. Spin the wheel to determine which of the cases will be used in each break, via wheeldecide.com.
    4. The selected case will be opened and each of the 10 packs will be awarded via wheeldecide.com.
  • Each pack will be randomized via the spin of the wheel. (Ex. First player spins the wheel and lands on pack #9).
  • Each pack will opened after each spin.
    • Good Gainz Draft Day: 
      1. You control the spot you draft and the order of cards you're willing to take at that draft spot.
      2. Depending on the size of the break, either 9 or 14 cards will always be visible to pick from, while 1 card will remain a mystery until the break.
      3. The mystery card is GUARANTEED to be equal to, or greater than the price of the #1 draft spot.
      4. Each draftee must provide us with a list of the 5 cards (in sequential order), that they are willing to take at their draft spot.
      5. 5 Draft Spots Per Break
    • DISCLAIMER NOTE: You control what cards are picked. The value's of the cards may fluctuate before/after this break and we have no control over those daily value changes in the market.
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