Q: Do all cards ship? 

A: Yes, all cards ship. 

Q: How long does it take to ship cards? 

A: It takes 1-3 business days after the break to ship. 

Q: How much does shipping cost? 

A: FREE SHIPPING for all U.S. orders $100+. approx. $10 shipping for International orders. We do offer other paid shipping services if you prefer your cards to be delivered quicker. 

Q: Do you charge taxes on your products? 

A: Only 7.25% to North Carolina residents as required by state law. 

Q: Do you offer any Grading Submission Services? 

A: AS OF APRIL 1, 2022 we offer group submissions with our friends at HGA (Hybrid Grading Approach)! Get prepared to start submitting your cards to the most innovative modern grading company on the market. You can learn more about the process to submit by emailing us at [email protected] or checking out the submission page HERE!

Q: What is the "Advanced Search Filter"?  

A: This is a NEW feature that allows you to search for a specific product in our store and filter based on "PRICE" or "CATEGORY". It will also display how many items exist in those filters. For Instance, any product that is priced between $0-$25 and/or located in the category of  "Football Cards".

Q: What is the WhatNot App & When Did You Join? 

A: WhatNot is a platform where you can buy & sell a variety of hobby items (i.e. Funko Pops, Sports Cards, Pokemon Cards, Comics, Sports Memorabilia, etc) as Buy It Now and/or Auction Style. We were one of the original sports breakers on the app and started selling on 2/5/21. 

Q: What team does the card go to if the player is in their college uniform? 

A: If player is in college uniform, the card goes to their current team. If they are not in the league anymore it goes to the last team they played for! NOTE: In case of a rare misprint, (Ex: Cowboys Player is shown, but states the team is Pittsburgh) the card would be awarded to the team misprinted on the card. 

Q: What happens if we don't win any hits in a break? 

A: Everything is at random to ensure fairness. We hope that everyone wins, but some times with mixers and breaks, that does not happen. At our discretion, we may ship you a Good Gainz thank you pack and/or give you extra reward points. 

Q: What happens if we don't win any cards in a break? 

A: We hope this NEVER happens, but in a rare occurrence we will make sure to ship you some Good Gainz; so don't feel left out! *We Don't Believe In Skunking* 

Q: Do you sell any Merchandise? 

A: As of 2021, we officially offer our own EXCLUSIVE Merchandise (T-Shirts, Crewnecks, & Hoodies). Due to us using a third party vendor, no discounts/reward points can apply to the orders. The vendor controls payments, refunds, and shipping times (which is always indicated below the product listing). You can find our available merchandise HERE 

Q: Can we use any discounts/reward points and how do we sign-up? 

A: Yes you can use promotional discounts when we offer them during special events. Please refer to our Rewards Program page for how to create an account, earn points, any exclusions, and where you can redeem those points.

Q: When we use our reward points to purchase only those items, what happens at checkout?

A: Typically, when you use your reward points to purchase a product from the Rewards Store, it will show up as $0 in your cart. You are still responsible for paying the cost of shipping and any insurance you would like to add onto it. Please see our Shipping Policy for more information.

Q: Is there an option for Store Credit and how is that applied to our account?  

A: Yes, there is an option to elect to receive store credit in-lieu of a refund. Once a return is accepted and processed by our team, we will manually apply that store credit to your account on our website. Store credit can be viewed in your account and is automatically applied at checkout. Please see our Refund Policy for more details.

Q: What is the "Make An Offer" feature, who can use it, & can I use it on any product?

A: This feature allows you to send us a "best offer" on products, similar to what you can do on eBay. We hold the right to approve, decline, counter-offer, and/or message you. Not all products will have this feature as an option and users must have an active account in our system, to even use this feature. All offers approved or countered, have a maximum of 48 hours before it expires.

Q: What is the "Quantity Pricing" feature offered on some listings & what does the "+" mean?

A: Quantity Pricing allows you to purchase more than one of the same product at a specific discounted rate. If the quantity has a "+" next to it, that indicates no quantity limit, while NO "+" means you can only purchase that quantity limit (i.e. 2).

Q: What is the "Gainz of the Day" Deal & How Does It Work? 

A: It's a new category that offers LIMITED TIME deals that include new listings, sales, clearances, and/or combo deals. This feature begins EVERY Wednesday & ends that Sunday at Midnight. These deals DO NOT allow best offers nor any customer tiered pricing. All other normal features are still permitted (i.e. Earn Reward Points, Using Any Promos/Reward Points, Shipping Policies, etc).

Q: Are we still able to Donate to "Operation Paws For Homes"? 

 A: Yes & we appreciate you even more! There's two ways to donate. First you can add the donation product to your cart from HERE or under "Additional Options" at the bottom of the checkout page. **ALL DONATIONS ARE SENT TO OPH! WE DO NOT KEEP ANY OF THE DONATION MONEY**

Q: What makes you unique from the other card breakers? 

A: We strive for customer satisfaction, which we believe is achieved through creative ideas & consistent top notch service. Join some of our breaks on YouTube, Whatnot, or Instagram Live, and find out for yourself!

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